WE NEED ALL THE HELP WE CAN RECEIVE FROM THE COMMUNITY BECAUSE THIS A GRASSROOTS PROJECT TO BRING EVERYONE TOGETHER FOR ONE CAUSE. We will connect the community to better help people with resources for food, donations, and social services. (We need all organizations to join our team NOW)

We'd also like to get help with the first $10,000+ donation from a company that promotes our cause of helping the community by testing and saving lives.

We would like a local Fire Department to join us in Gofundme Project.

We also would like to have Highland Hospital join and help us with follow up care. We have a health system, but it is in another city. We also need help from anyone who can help us secure a central site at the old Warriors, Raiders, and current Athletic’s parking lot, please make it possible. Just like the Warriors we believe in strength in numbers as community.

If we do not secure the primary site, we will plan to have the event in a backup location in a different city. We hope someone out there can help secure this space and make this testing event more closer to a reality.

We need donated masks 1 hour prior to the event, so we may donate it back to each person being tested and to help protect one another in the community. We will take any type.

We apologize and we will try our best to reply to the volunteers and all the emails we've been getting.

We'd like to also thank you Kerry, Franko, and Alexa for helping with community outreach and content for the website.

Let's help the community together!


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