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We want to prioritize COVID-19 testing for frontliners, essential workers, and high risk individuals working or living in Oakland, CA and Alameda county. Medical staff and volunteers will provide FREE and accurate COVID-19 testing.

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Our Story

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In the wake of the COVID-19 pandemic and the shortage of PPE, I decided to help by producing 3D-Printed face shields for frontline workers. And now, our country desperately needs more testing to reduce the spread of the virus.

A close friend is a nurse working on the frontlines in the Emergency Department in Oakland, California. Before the Bay Area’s shelter-in place orders, she stopped living at their house due to potentially passing the virus to her father, whose health puts him at high risk of COVID-19. They had just lost their mother to cancer three years ago, and couldn’t risk losing her dad.

There are people on the frontlines of COVID-19 who still haven’t been tested or need to be retested: medical personnel, law enforcement, care home workers, essential workers, those who are still showing up to work.
As frontliners, patients, and the public, we often think:

Yes, we can be asymptomatic and still spread the virus, but how do I know I have it?

What if we catch this virus? What if we get this virus and my asthma is affected and we can’t breathe?

What if we give it to my kids or my spouse? What if we give it to our parents or grandparents who can die from this? What if we die today because of the virus?

This is why testing is important to fight COVID-19.

The Plan

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Our goal is to raise monetary funds in order to host a one-day community testing site which will prioritize essential workers, high risk individuals and people (with or without symptoms) who work or live in Alameda County. We will use FDA-approved PCR and antibody testing. Funds raised through the GoFundMe will be used to pay for running the PCR or Antibody tests.

We Need Your Help!

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Please take a look and what we need for this project to succeed and Contact Us if you are interested!
  • Volunteer Recruitment - Please submit now with skills to offer!
  • Community Organizing - Help us get the word out to everyone in the community! *We need core members like you to join our team!
  • Linguistic Translators - Multiple Translators, All languages needed!
  • Testing Site
  • Research Partnership - Preferably a local hospital for follow-up care and research for our data of 2,000 individuals
  • Catering - Local Restaurants to help the community and get their names out!
  • Face Masks - Accepting donations of all kinds of face masks. Required for testing, all donated masks will be given to attendees for safe testing.
  • Fiscal Sponsership with a 501(c) to help with a taxID for donations
  • Testing Site Volunteers
  • Hospital and Lab Partnership
  • Share this to potential donors big and small!
If you are a community organization, non-profit, or business that wants to help in any way, please contact us here!


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Because we need to rely on the community to make this happen, we will be transparent about the project every step of the way. Right now, myself (a Software Engineer), my friend (a nurse who is also working full-time), and a few other folks are driving this project. If you are interested in helping out, please email us here: COVID19TestingSiteOakland@gmail.com. This is a grassroots project and will accept any help from the community.

Accomplished So Far

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  • Confirmed a Medical Director to lead the testing site
  • Contacted labs to discuss test kits, pricing, and accuracy (our estimated costs are based off the received quotes)
  • Recruited a media liason and web designer
  • Added two community outreach coordinators 5-13-20
  • Added Editor
  • Launched Website
  • Abbott Antibody Testing Kits (Supplier obtained pending)
  • Donations of equipment(tents, tables, chairs)


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We were inspired by the work of Fire Chief Garrett Contreras and his team at the Hayward Fire Department and Fremont Fire Chief Curtis Jacobson. Here's some current information on their amazing hard work. We encourage you to support and donate to their causes.

Here are some articles that help supplement our cause!
  • COVID-19 Testing Site Moves From Hayward Fire Station to CSU East Bay (NBC News) - Click here
  • Free Fremont Coronavirus Testing Center Opens Friday (Patch) - Click here
  • Fremont free COVID-19 drive-through testing center tests 715 in first week (The Mercury News) - Click here

We are also inspired by the town of Bolinas and their Testing Team who partnered with UCSF to make testing available to their residents. We encourage you to check out or support their work:

Bolinas Testing
Bolinas GoFundMe

If our efforts do not succeed, we plan to donate ALL funds to the Fire Departments doing free testing, or we can donate all to the Oakland Fire Department, if they decide to replicate the efforts in saving lives by testing their community.

Let's help the community together!


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