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In addition to our regular donations, businesses both small and large can donate in tiers to gain recognition on our platform.

Caring Angels

For small business donations ranging from $1,000 - $24,999

  • Recognition on front page
Fallen Angels

For small business donations ranging from $25,000 - $49,999

  • Recognition on front page
  • Bordered logo
Surviving Angels

For small business donations $50,000 or more

  • Recognition on front page
  • Special Bordered Logo
  • Ribbon Decal
  • Top spot

All donations made are now tax deductible! Caring Angels Foundation is a U.S.-based 501(c)(3) non-profit organization, with a federal tax ID number (EIN) of 26-4678011. Caring Angels Foundation's mission is to promote Health, Education, and Nutrition, particularly in rural areas. For more information, please visit

Looking for COVID-19 Support Groups?

Check out these Facebook groups full of people who also have been affected by COVID-19.

The Kindness Pandemic
Applaud For Our Heroes
COVID-19 Symptoms, Experiences, Questions, Remedies, & Sharing
Covid19 Real Stories by Frontline and Affected People
NOVA COVID-19 Craziness Information Exchange
Coronavirus RGV support
Pandemic Pods - Oakland/Berkeley
Pandemic Pods - Main
Bay Area Resilience - Coronavirus / COVID-19 Mutual Aid
Coronavirus COVID19 Healing Tips Exchange
Helping Hands: Assisting others through COVID-19
Open Source COVID-19 Medical Supplies - SF Bay Area

We would like to give a special thanks to everyone!

RekMed - -, - -, - Volunteer Health Interpreters Organization - -, - www.MerSea.Restaurant - , Donors: Marcus W, Devouy M, Bev, Luann, Ian, Jon, Susan & Lumi, Rosette, JMC family, Laura, Nina, ALIEN GXD, Ryan Stemmler , Bev M , Maira Mariscal , Joseph Geneza, Jenn Cruz, Andrew Advincula, Margie Cruz, Jenny L, Mark Anthony Mislang, Esther Wanning, C B, Team Ochoa, Flavia Mckleroy, C L, Alien GXD, TJ Cruzada, Jean, Diane Zuliani, Geraldine Convento, Esther Wanning, Lynette Ancheta, James Mun, Franklin La Pointe.

Supporters: Diane Z, Garrett, Garrick, Kelly, Jules, Shaun Valentine, DJ Lacap, Hannah, Ella, Ian & Jackie, Josie, Eunice, Jen, Jerwin & Melissa, Rizel, Justin, Brian, Charlene & Johnathan, Frank L, Nina, Todd, Andrew, Jazzle, Eunice, Apharna, Cruz Family, Esther ,Viktor Vicky, Lindsay, Tiff & Eric, James & Jabari, Ben, Mark, Beverly & Ryan, Stemmler family, Matthew, James M, Franco, Jason & Crystal, Justin, Mike, Jake, Josh, David, Annie T, Patricia Clayetta, Tiffany, Vicky, Lindsay, Uie, James & Jabari, Zel and Reginald, Sarha, Prisca & Hal, Jessa & Allison, Jim and Linda, Zhirlyn, Alejandra & Stephen, Ron F, Cora & Ben, Chris, Mirba @ Deric, Julian B, Franko, Vicente & Elizabeth, Jermaine, Venus Pham, Joan Rose, Leo U, Mia, Cammie, Jayla, Felix T, Alexandra "Alexa" Garcia, Charles Millken, Amanda, Erin C, Keegan P, THANK YOU to our first group of volunteers at the Hayward Testing site: "Jon Raji, Jaswinder Kaur, Tangitinga Paama, Andrea Nuyda, Ian V, Tanny Tanitiyavarong, Rebecca Selinger, Julian Torda, Ibrahim Ahmed. Brenda, Leah, Peter, Stephen D, Alexandria D, Chris Villanueva, Britney & Matthew Larson, Corsica, Karim, Lynette Ancheta, Sandy & Sophie, Marlene H, Aneesha B, Moquete family, Jenny P, Chris T, Cruzada Family, Bautista Family, Garlit Family, Justin Garlit.

Donor Comments: * "Make it happen! Thanks to all our first responders" * * "We need more non profit organizations like yourself to give us hope" * *

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